This is the running changelog for the Application Brew! Before we list down what each version encompasses, we also list down what’s going to be released as part of our roadmap. The next awaited version is Version 1.2, This new version will be responsible for the following:

  • Bug Fixes
  • New Source: Finhub
  • New Source: Revenuecat
  • New Feature: Brewery (Share your casks with others)
  • New Feature: Edit a recipe

Expected Release Date: November 30th 2021

Build name: Pixels

Version 1.1.0

What’s New:

  • Introducing three pre-built recipes from the Editor’s desk. Supports analyzing NFT floor prices and ranks of your assets across both Solana and Ethereum. To top this, we added the twitter dashboard to analyze your impressions.
  • New Substack tap that lets you follow a specific newsletter and provides a feed of their new posts.
  • New Apple Podcast tap lets you catch-up with your favorite podcast. Click and open the podcast directly on podcasts app.

Bug Fixes:

  • There were dozens of places where optionals were deliberately unwrapped causing crashes. These are now fixed. Reddit cask was the most critically affected component here when you ended up searching for a non-existent Reddit user.
  • Haptic feed to let you know you have tapped a button. We don’t want to make it dull while you use the app
  • Missing links and other bug fixes causing weird behavior in the App to either crash/make it difficult to use.

Build name: Hello World

Version 1.0

Brew is a one of kind iOS app that helps you build the content you want to consume. In the world of infinite scroll and constant feed of information, its common to lose track of time and information you want to consume. You know your morning ritual! Why not build it yourself and consume just the information you want.

The inital release for Brew supports more than 10+ sources to construct your perfect brew. Your First brew is on us. To build more than that, subsribe to our Pro packages. You won’t be disappointed.