Last updated
October 12 2021

Privacy Policy

Location Data

We do not request your location data in the app. Location is not necessary to perform any functionality in the app and the app works independently of it. If location is being requested - it will only be used to make the in-app experience better. We will not sell your location data in any way.

Debugging Data

We use Apple’s opt-in service for crash reporting. We also use Bugsnag as a secondary fallback to ensure in-app experience is better. Your device, version of iOS and the date of when the crash occurred will be viewable by us. However, no personally identifiable information is kept by us or sent externally. Bugsnag also does not capture user id in any form, so crashes cannot be linked to your account.

The only things we will see are what steps were taken before the crash occurred. We will not see any of the data you’ve entered such as the name of your lists, items, notes or images.


We use firebase for authentication purpose and analytics. From an analytics point of view, the events we collect are whether a user used a source to generate a recipe and other critical metrics like:

  • signin
  • signup
  • tutorial viewed

All of these events are being used to make the in-app experience better and is not being used for any advertisement at all.

Any Questions ?

If you have any question at all about your data, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re happy to answer anything!